What Katie Did Morticia Waist Training Corset Review

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What Katie Did Morticia Waist Training Underbust Corset Review

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What Katie Did Morticia Waist Training, Steel Boned, Underbust Corset

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Morticia Waist Training Corset


The Morticia from What Kate Did is ideal for women with vintage curves. It is crafted by hand and its beautiful satin outside hides 18 flat, spiral steel bones, which are ideal for waist reduction. Some women have reported up to 6 inches of reduction! Its padded, sturdy design makes this corset ideal for hours of wear while maintaining durability.

Designed with hip gores to specifically help women who already have larger busts and hips, this design fits comfortably by eliminating the breathless feeling one gets from too much pressure around the ribs. The inside lining is also made from 100% cotton, which also adds to comfort and support.

What Katie Did Corset


Since the Morticia is a handcrafted corset, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, be certain, that you are getting what you pay for.

The Morticia is made for women who are gifted with extreme curves. Therefore, it is only suitable for women with a 10-inch or greater difference in measurement between their waist and hip. Women with less 'vintage' style curves need to seek another style.

The modesty panel in the back is wide, unboned and attached. Because it is unboned, it is floppy and doesn?t thoroughly protect your back. The loose panel makes it difficult to secure in place while cinching, which causes bunching.

Final Verdict:

If you are a shapely woman (who isn't frightened of the price tag) and seeking a waist training corset that is comfortable, but still provides extreme waist reduction, this is the corset for you. Its hip gores, steel bones and padded design are added benefits for any woman that already has curves. Though, the price is slightly high, a corset created by hand can run much more.

Please note that this corset is only recommended for women who possess vintage curves.

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