What are Locking Corsets?

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What are Locking Corsets?

Many people refer to the Kardashians as ‘the ones that made these corsets famous’ and although that may be very correct, people do not remember that these corsets were created decades ago in the 1500’s originating from Italy and introduced to the women in the French court and have been  growing ever since.

A corset is a garment that is typically worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape, normally a smaller was it or larger bottom. The effects of the corset is supposed to be semi-permanent depending on the duration of it being worn and the exercise/diet while wearing the corset. The aim of the corset is to give the woman an hourglass figure.

Because corsets have been produced since the 1500’s many new types of corsets have been released and sold. Corsets are constructed from a strong, yet flexible fabric (cotton / satin / leather) that is reinforced with steel boning (flexible steel rods) to give the corset great strength for cinching in your waist and accentuating the curve of your hips and bust-line. Typically corsets are tightened by fastening the front busk (a piece of corset hardware consisting of two steel stays, one with metal loops) and then lacing up the back. Corsets are made to fit around your midsection and can be either an ‘overbust’ or an ‘under-bust,’ and depending on your style, can be worn over your clothes or under your clothes. Corsets come in a number of styles that have less and more extreme curves, and that fit a variety of different body types.

Why do Women Wear Corsets?

In the Victorian times corsets were made to ‘beautify’ woman and also to ensure modesty and passivity. Corsets were laced tightly, and had to be worn from childhood until the wedding night where the groom had to slowly and carefully undo the corset to demonstrate self-control. Later on the corsets were modified and new designs came out. In France the women had inconceivably narrow waists as the corset was made to bring the waist in, making the shape more delicate and slender.

Fast forward a few hundred years and corsets are still incredibly relevant. It’s unlikely that they will never again experience the same popularity as they saw back in the Victorian era.

steel bond corsets

What’s the Difference Between a Waist Trainer and a Corset?

In 2017 waist trainers are the ‘thing’. The weight loss, hour-glass figure, was it transforming miracle. However, many people get ‘corset’ and ‘waist trainer’ and that is a very common thing.

First, let us begin by explaining that the term waist trainer’ is often misused. What you have probably seen described as a ‘waist trainer’ is really a latex waist cincher.

A corset is typically made of satin, cotton, mesh or leather, and uses steel boning to shape your waist. A waist cincher (trainer) is a type of shapewear made of latex that uses the elasticity of the material to ‘cinch’ in your waist. Corsets are much more specific to size correctly, whereas a ‘waist cincher’ is more like sweat pants, a few sizes fit all. Corsets can be worn over the clothes as a fashion statement.

A waist cincher is designed solely to fit under your clothes. To truly modify your waist (waist training) a steel boned corset is required. Latex cinchers are great for creating a smoother, more flattering figure under clothing (or at the gym, if we look to celebrities for guidance) and can create a temporary hourglass figure.

Is Wearing a Corset Healthy or Dangerous?

The question of whether or not wearing a corset is healthy or not is always a serious one. For many the serious question should be, ‘does the corset cause you pain when you are wearing it’, if the answer is “Yes!” then you should loosen the corset or take it off! The option of getting it refitted may help because chances are it’s not the right size.


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