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Waist Trimmer Belt Side Effects

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of belly fast quickly and efficiently? Workout product manufacturers have been listening. This is the main reason why they created the waist trimmer belt.

If you do a bit of research, you’ll come across many product varieties. All of them promise results that are quick and easy to sustain. Is this really so? While the effectiveness of waist trimmers is relatively easy to prove, it’s also important to explore the safety of such products. When waist trimmer belts aren’t being used according to manufacturer recommendations, a range of side effects may be experienced.

Generally Safe

Waist trimmers are considered to be relatively safe for use during activity and workouts. Most people that opt for such garments in an attempt to enhance their weight loss sessions don’t experience problems or health issues as a result of wearing the belt.

Since waist trimmers do produce some compression, it’s important to use such products according to manufacturer recommendations. Don’t exceed the number of hours suggested for daily use. Otherwise, you may experience some issues stemming from prolonged compression.

If you worry about the use of a waist trimmer belt or you suffer from a chronic medical condition, you may want to discuss the idea with a physician. Your doctor will make sure that the use of a waist trimmer belt is ok and that it’s not going to cause problems. Stick to the doctor’s recommendations concerning the number of daily use hours. Also, make sure that you’ve bought a quality trimmer belt that will help you lose fat without causing side effects.


The most common side effect of the prolonged use of a trimmer belt is dehydration.

The garment works in a very simple way. It’s usually made from a material like neoprene. Such materials get the body heated and as a result, they stimulate sweating. People that use trimmer belts confirm that they sweat a lot more than during workouts that don’t utilize the garment.

Because of the excessive sweating, trimmer belts help for the loss of water weight. There’s one problem linked to the activity, however. The loss of water weight gets the body dehydrated. Thus, it’s very important to drink a lot of water after a workout. Otherwise, you may experience serious issues like fever, weakness, dizziness, decreased urination and even fainting.


The waist trimmer is an elastic band. When wrapped around your midsection, it will deliver a mild compressing effect.

When used for a couple of hours per day, the waist trimmer isn’t going to contribute to any health problems. Going beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation, however, will potentially impact the functioning of internal organs.

Prolonged compression due to the excessive use of a waist trimmer can easily lead to digestive issues. People that wear a belt for numerous hours per day are likely to experience problems like poor digestion, flatulence and acid reflux.

Skin Irritation

One of the most common issues that trimmer belt wearers report is skin irritation.

As already mentioned, a belt made from neoprene gets the core heated and causes intense sweating. Because the sweat isn’t being absorbed, it may cause some redness and itchiness.

To see whether such a belt is a good pick for you, try wearing it for 10 to 15 minutes. Do some light exercise to stimulate sweating and assess the response of your body. If your skin doesn’t feel irritated or itchy, you can move on to using the trimmer belt the way it’s intended to.

These are some of the major issues that a few of the trimmer belt wearers have had to deal with. As already mentioned, if the product is used in the correct way, the risk of experiencing problems is minimal.

Trimmer belts are safe for just about everyone. There are a few groups of people that should avoid wearing such garments during a workout. Trimmer belts aren’t suggested for use by women who are pregnant or who suspect they could be pregnant. Individuals that have a pacemaker should also refrain from using trimmer neoprene belts.

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