Beginner's Guide to Waist Training: How to Wear a Waist Trainer Under Clothes?

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Beginner’s Guide to Waist Training: How to Wear a Waist Trainer Under Clothes?

waist trainer under clothes

​Getting started with waist training can be confusing. Understandably, wearing corsets or waist trainers can be an intimidating or embarrassing experience. Weren’t they the devices women used to wear back in the olden times when they had to have perfect hourglass body shapes to attract the attention of men? Short answer, yes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have other purposes.

Besides trying to attract a man who’s into you for only your body shape, waist trainers are extremely beneficial to your health and posture. The question is: how do you get started?

If you’ve seen Kim Kardashian in a corset on Instagram, you might notice how natural it looks on her to wear just over her underwear. Will it look natural and beautiful on anyone else, though?

Another short answer: yes. In fact, the world doesn’t even have to know that you have a corset on. Nowadays, waist trainers come in extremely thin but durable materials that will help conceal bulges whilst being completely invisible from the outside.

If you want to wear a waist trainer to look and feel good, but you’re unsure about how to start or which corset to purchase, then you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will show you how best to start a waist training program.

What is waist training?

There appears to be some confusion regarding what waist training is and what the goal of wearing waist trainers. To start things off, waist training is the practice of wearing a corset or waist cincher for long periods of time in regular intervals. The goal of wearing a waist trainer is to highlight your curves whilst decreasing the size of your natural waist.

These devices are meant to compress your midsection, ideally in sequence with sticking to a healthy diet and committing to a healthy exercise program. The compressions then can help you in your journey to becoming slimmer. The waist trainer themselves without regular exercise and healthy eating can even reduce your waist size by 2 to 3 inches.

How do you choose the right waist trainer?

​The brands and models of waist trainers are endless, and the endorsements by super slim models only add to the already confusing question. Most likely, you’ll end up buying several corsets that fit your body dimensions and the shape you’re trying to achieve. Here’s a list of some waist trainers that could benefit you on your journey to becoming thinner.

  • ​If you want to hit the gym whilst wearing a waist trainer (which can be beneficial, but may also lead to reduced muscle development), then be sure to get a workout band which promotes sweating and allows for easy movement.
  • ​If you’re a busy woman who needs an instant method of shaving inches from her stomach, then the best solution for you is an everyday cincher in a color that won’t appear through your white shirt.
  • ​If you’re a new mom whose aim is to lost some of the pregnancy weight, try a waist trainer with three rows of hooks which allows you to lots of space for moving.
  • The most popular material used to construct waist trainers is latex – a rubbery yet durable material that provides snug compression against your belly.
  • There are also latex-free options for women who are sensitive to the flexible material.
  • Traditional waist trainers can be steel-bonned corsets – the corsets you usually see in modern cowboy movies worn by “scarlet” women. These offer even more dramatic results to slim your body down at a faster pace (in combination with diet and exercise).
  • If you’re in the market for something light and comfortable, try looking for a no-closure cincher or a cotton waist-trainer. Despite being incredibly light, they should be able to offer medium compression to keep your body looking good.
  • Smaller women might be more comfortable using shorter waist trainers.
  • There are also models for plus-sized women who are looking to get into shape.
  • If you have a large bust, then you need a corset that can provide support. Lucky for you, vest-style waist trainers are there to help support your bust and waist size (look for one with adjustable straps).

​How do you pick the right one?

After determining which waist trainer fits your description and aims, you will have to go through a sizing process to see which size adheres to your length and width needs. The most important thing to measure before purchasing a waist trainer is, of course, your waist. In addition, the corset will also have to be able to compress your belly, but also allow for movement. Picking something that is too small because of the extra compression against your belly can have damaging effects later on down the road. In general, it’s better to look for something that is moderately compressive but allows for a wide range of movements than a waist trainer that prohibits movement and compresses your belly to oblivion.

Will the waist trainer show through my shirt?

​The final step to choosing and using the perfect waist trainer is how well it fits your wardrobe. Color is not an issue, unless you like to wear white shirts and the corset’s contrasting colors can show through your shirt. Otherwise, the color of your waist trainer won’t matter.

​Both cinchers and steel-bonned waist trainers can show through your clothing. Steel-bonned corsets are larger and more awkward than regular cinchers. If you wear steel-bonned ones, then it’ll be a better idea to wear bulkier clothes on the outside. Put on a hoodie or business jacket that’ll adequately hide your corset from judgmental eyes.

​If you opt for a cincher waist trainer, you’ll have a much easier time concealing the apparatus from others. Lightweight, bright clothing like regular office shirts or moderately small (not compressive) T-shirts can do a good job in hiding your corset. However, they are less effective at offering immediate results than their steel-bonned counterparts.

​In general, the baggier your clothing, the better. Larger sized clothing do a better job at hiding what you have beneath. However, remember that you are doing this for yourself and not for anyone else. You can think of this as an exercise in self-confidence: it doesn’t matter what people say; as long as you feel good doing it and it’s not hurting anybody, then just do you. 

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