Vedette "Valerie" Firm Control Waist Cincher Review

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Vedette “Valerie” Firm Control Waist Cincher Review

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Vedette "Valerie" Firm Control Waist Cincher

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Vedette Cincher


The Vedette "Valerie" Firm Control Waist Cincher is an underbust trainer that is designed to sit right above the hips. When worn it should offer an appearance of a slimmer waist and curvy body, while also providing breast and posture support. The Valerie cincher is composed partly of memory latex, thus, allowing it to streamline specifically to your body while decreasing the size of your waist.

Offered in a larger variety of sizes, this slimmer features side boning for amplified support and its material is a combination of mostly Nylon and Spandex. This shaper can be worn under clothing during your normal routine or during exercise for an extra boost. Its hook and eye closures also provide added support and compression.


Be certain to take accurate body measurements before purchasing. Most cinchers have the tendency to run a bit small, thus, ordering the appropriate size is contingent on the proper measurements. A smaller cincher will result in extreme difficulty snapping the hook and eyes.

The Valerie runs slightly short. If you?re a woman that is above average height, we would suggest shopping around. Also, because it isn't crafted from cotton or other breathable fabric it can be slightly uncomfortable.

If this product is worn under very form fitting clothing you will probably be able to see it beneath your outfit. If you are purchasing this cincher solely for the shaping and would like to wear it under a plethora of clothing, we'd suggest looking at a few other options as well before you purchase. Weighing and measuring your options is always your best bet.

Final Verdict:

With its extremely affordable price tag, we would recommend this product to most women looking for a waist cincher. Since it can be worn both under clothing during a normal day and during exercise, we have found that it generally seems like a worthy buy.

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