The 7 Best Exercises to Get an Hour Glass Shape

The 7 Best Exercises to Get an Hour Glass Shape


First of all, unless you are one of the truly blessed who already has the hourglass shape, you are going to have to work for it. Exercise, diet, and other aids, like waist cinchers, are going to put you as close as your body type will allow to an hour glass figure.

While there are many body type charts available online this one can help you determine your body type easiest. Another was to determine your body type is to determine where you gain the most weight and how you look then and how you look when you have achieved a set point near your preferred weight.

Remember that there are 4 basic body type including rectangle, hourglass, pyramid, and cone and each one needs very different workouts in order to get closer to the hourglass shape.

Here are the 7 best exercises to get you moving and closer to your own ideal hour glass figure.

1. Workout for Your Body Type

  • Rectangle Shapes: Opt for full body fat loss cardios per week, every other day try to work the upper body. Focus on core workouts to create the illusion of a smaller waist.
  • Hourglass Shapes: Need full body fat loss cardios 3-4 times per week. Spot train on troubled areas. The perfect hourglass figure shape needs to stay toned and still soft, developing those whittled out waistlines.
  • Pyramid Shapes: Focus on upper body with some weights to maximize breasts muscle. Add cardio for toning in a few times a week, keeping the lower body toned.
  • Cones Shapes: Try Exercises which can reshape the lower half, like cardios and Pilates. Add some lower and upper body weights to tone and redistribute muscle. Any shape can benefits from additional exercises targeting the abdominal area.

2. Workout Program

A workout program is essential in order to see the results. The fact is, a nice body doesn’t happen any other way, even an hourglass figure, unless you put the time in. You will get the body you wanted through commitment. Create a well rounded regimen that works for you, exercise options are plenty so find the ones you like and will continue to do. Burnout happens when you detest the program. You have not designed it with enough thought, variety, and reward. Gravitate between different types of regimens, like one day work on upper body and the next do cardios. Even a brisk walk breaks up the routine and keeps you interested. You will discover that the stronger you get, the more interested you become in maintaining the program.

3. Strength Training

Strength training can be done through weight-lifting and certain types of weight machines. While you still need to do some ABS exercises, shake it up with other core focused weights or weight machines. There are some fun and proven weight machines in almost in every gym. Strength training will reshape and toughen up all those flabby muscles, and provide you even more energy and endurance.

4. Cardio

Cardio can be anything from running to aerobics, as long as you are getting that heart pumped. Your metabolism jumps from a cardio workout, meaning any calories you consume for a few hours are going to be used fast. Doing cardio is essential not only for a great body, but it is detrimental for all the other body’s systems.

5. Make like a Showgirl

A great cardio workout and a fun one is dancing. Many women have lost weight and reshaped their body simply by letting loose. Poles are no longer for strippers, they now sit in gyms and living rooms everywhere as women realize how fun it is to do, how sexy they feel, and the results are amazing. Don’t cut yourself out on this one. Another great exercise is to take a class in dance, maybe like belly dancing. It is another sensual way to tone that abs, get those curves, improve posture, and have a new dance skill to show off.

Here are some top secrets from Showgirls on how they stay in hourglass form:

  • Showgirls work on improving their posture and have a strong core because this creates a long torso and the illusion of a smaller waist and a perfect hourglass Try yoga, Pilates, or basic stretches to improve posture and core strength.
  • Curvy burlesque dancers may not have the opportunity to exercise all the time but they do dance 10 hours a day, all while sewn into their own costumes.
  • Perfect hourglass figure showgirls and actresses flaunt their natural beauty. Back in the 40's and 50's plastic surgery was unheard of so women made the most of what they had. A sexy curvy hourglass look was not as much about having the body type as it was about acting like you did so work what you were born
  • Do what movie stars do and get a little help from shapewear, or even a corset. In case you didn't know, most actresses don't set foot on the red carpet without their body shapers.

5. Eat Clean

Eating healthy food, filled with veggies, fruits, proteins and fibers will dramatically increase your body shaping journey. A great diet is a healthy one. Pay attention to portions and how much you eat in a day. Some women keep journals to remind themselves of their most vulnerable moments to binge. If you want to shrink your waist fast the best way to do it is to start eating veggies, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains and little to no processed food of any kind (no frozen meals, no canned foods, no fast food, no prepackaged anything, and no sugar or sugar substitutes). Did you know the average body type in the 40's was the perfect hourglass figure type and not the rectangle body type? The reason this has changed drastically is the highly processed American diet.

6. Exercises you might want to avoid

You might want to avoid some of the ABS exercises that include your side muscles. This is because these exercises may make your waist disappear. They strengthen your side AB muscles and that way your core will be straight on the sides like the ruler shape, and that means that you can say goodbye to the small waist. This can happen only if you have a shape that doesn’t have that much waist, so avoid side ABS exercises, because they may expand your waist even more

7. Use a helper, like a corset or waist trainer.

Waist training is the hottest trend right now. It is a welcome addition to workouts, and dieting. Waist training involves using a special type of corset which immediately pushes in your abdominal area and makes you look slimmer instantly. It provides back support, improves posture and does wonders for the woman psyche. If you are unfamiliar with this new way to trim your waist, then be sure to check out some research done on waist training. You will have that hourglass immediately.

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