Shaper Corset Goth Leather Overbust Corset Review

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Shaper Corset Goth Leather Overbust Corset Review

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Shaper Corset Goth Black Leather Overbust, Lace up, Steel Boned, Bustier

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Shaper Corset Goth


The Shaper Corset Goth Black Leather Overbust Lace up Steel Boned Bustier is as sexy as any corset can get. Its leather outside is both appealing and supple, and helps create tumultuous, smooth curves.

This sultry number features a steel busk front with a hook and eye closures along with a lace up addition about midway up the bodices. Its beautiful, black leather outside hides a 100 percent cotton inside that helps with the corsets overall comfort. Spiral full steel bones, made from high density European steel, keeps the top rigid while helping create an hourglass figure to die for.

The strong laces in the back hide its modesty panel. The more durable laces make tightening firmly a one person job. This corset will take inches off your waste and create ideal curves all while creating perfect erect posture and support your bust.

Shaper Leather Corset


The only negative aspects we can find regarding this corset is that it is a dry clean only accessory. Getting something dry cleaned every time you use it can be a real pain.

Additionally, the cost is rather expensive, but if you do any type of research before purchasing a corset top, you'll notice most quality cinchers are this much or more.

Furthermore, there is always a bit of trouble regarding corsets and the proper sizing. Be certain to adequately measure yourself and to use those numbers when making a purchase.

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for a sexy addition to your closet that not only makes you appear thinner and more curvaceous, but can also be worn for virtually any kind of night out or play at home, this is the top for you. Its price tag may seem a bit steep for first time wearers, but after any research you'll find that this is certainly a reasonable value for this product.

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