Pros and Cons Of Corset With Suspenders

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Pros and Cons Of Corset With Suspenders

Corset With Suspenders

The thought of waist training has probably come to your mind. Everybody wants an hourglass figure and a corset can certainly help achieve that. While corset is considered to be a great option to get that perfect figure, there are some cons to using it also. We have some pros and cons you should consider of using a corset with suspenders.


1. Hourglass figure

No matter what type of corset you use, it can help you achieve that hourglass figure you want. It hugs your body and helps it stay that way, accentuating your curves on your hips and bustling. With the help of suspenders, all the pressure is not put on the hips and it is shared with the shoulders.

2. Improves posture

Corsets don’t only improve your figure but also your posture. A corset ensures you have a straight back and stand and sit up straight because it forces your body to sort of be rigid and prevents it from slouching. The suspenders give it a better fitting so your posture remains nice and upright.

3. Make a fashion statement

Corset can easily be worn under your clothes, it allows you to wear more fashionable clothes that are better fitted according to your body. A corset with suspenders is more fashionable in the sense that it looks a lot better than one without suspenders. So it adds to the fashionable value of your outfit.

4. Better Fit

The purpose of suspenders is to help keep the corset in place. It is easier to put on rather than the conventional corset and stays on without much of a problem. It provides you the exact fit you require and the suspenders ensure the corset stays in place without budging.


1. Not very comfortable

No matter what type of corset you use, you will generally feel some discomfort. The corset hugs your body and provides discomfort which is a result of the aggressively tight fitting of it. It is important that you get the right size of the corset. While corset with suspenders is slightly better in terms of tightness since the suspenders also take some pressure off the hips, it can still be uncomfortable.

2. Makes your breathing shallow

The corset really clinches you at your waist. The discomfort and fitting of the corset generally lead to shallow creating. The fitting of the corset really restricts the diaphragm which results in you not being able to breathe deeply. So you should be careful to pay attention to your breaths when you have a corset on.

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