Playgirl Steel Boned Black Tightlacing Overbust Corset Review

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Playgirl Steel Boned Black Tightlacing Overbust Corset Review

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Playgirl 24 Steel Boned Black Tightlacing, Waist Training, Overbust Corset

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Playgirl tightlacing corset


This Playgirl overbust corset is a 24 steel-boned top that is built for waist training, while offer full coverage for women who are taller. Its high-density bones, which include 20 spiral steel and four flat steel, help create a slim look while reducing the waist from six to seven inches overall.

Its four layers of cloth, which features a comfortable 100 percent cotton lining, provides structure and reinforcement while also providing comfort for hours of wear. Its long front (16 inches) is ideal for women with long torsos.

This corset also features extra long laces for easy tightening. These long laces allow the wearer to easily cinch by themselves. Thus, creating a flat tummy and perfect posture.

Playgirl overbust corset


Some faults of this particular corset may be price and that it isn't crafted for everyone. Based on its long, 16 inch front, it's recommended for only wearers that are 5'6 and taller.

It also may be slightly more expensive than beginners are willing to spend, but we believe it's excellent design makes it absolutely worth the extra bills. We suggest looking around at other corsets that possess similar qualities and compare price tags before nixing this one.

Final Verdict:

Designed to pull in the wearers waist, flatten the tummy and improve posture while give a six to seven inch waist reduction, this corset absolutely accomplishes all of the above while also provide a sleek, sexy look that will likely get you lots of attention.

Its price is incredibly reasonable for the quality of the product. Since it includes 24 bones and four different layers of quality cloth, you're absolutely getting your moneys worth with this purchase.

Be certain to request the correct size and wear it in properly before cinching to tightly, and we believe you'll be thrilled with your purchase.

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