Naomi and Nicole Underwear Review

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Naomi and Nicole Underwear Review


Naomi and Nicole Women's Unbelievable Comfort Bodybriefer

Most importantly, however, they are capable of bringing out the best of your body’s natural shape, concealing what you would like to conceal and support the parts you wish to pronounce. They can even become fashion statements themselves. Have you ever seen a woman wear a see-through blouse over her bra? That is a confident woman, a woman who does not follow conventional thinking and is anything but afraid to expose herself to critics.

If you are in need of a massive confidence boost, you very well know that shopping new clothing is your best bet in going about it. And what better investment is there, than to buy some quality underwear, that will make you look sexy, feel comfortable and hug your curves all day long? This is where Naomi and Nicole underwear products enter the picture. Or, that is what they claim at least. We will see if their claims hold up to scrutiny below.

Meet Naomi and Nicole

Naomi and Nicole is a relatively new company that entered the undergarment industry less than 10 years ago. It is thus a much newer entry to the game than other, already established and hugely successful brands like Spanx and Wacoal. It is especially important for a new brand, who, by definition is an underdog compared to its more seasoned peers, to bring something new to the table. To make some sort of innovation that will set it apart from the rest of the pack.

According to Naomi & Nicole themselves, their products are “comfy, functional, and innovative in design”. Their fabrics are “great”, their looks “updated”, and their products sport “cutting-edge” features. After taking a look at their products, it is also clearly evident than their prices are very accessible and much more reasonable than other brands – which we will be discreet enough not to name.

Their products cover all the usual underwear categories: They have thongs, boy shorts as well as hipsters. Most importantly, each such category has multiple variations and designs for you to choose. So far, so good: Accessible prices, check. Variety of products, check. Product quality claimed to be top notch, check. What is missing, however, is a critical review of how their products really fare on the real world, on real women who have tried them.

Naomi & Nicole Underwear On Spotlight

Naomi & Nicole Underwear

Our first reviewed product is Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Hi-Waist Brief, a high waist underwear brief that promises to instantly slim you down in your stomach and derriere areas considerably. You can get it in many different sizes, as per your specific needs. The fabric is 82% nylon and 18% spandex on the item’s body and 92% cotton and 8% spandex on its gusset. It is currently listed at $27.00, a very reasonable price.

All in all, this particular product seems to do what it claims to do reasonably well. It does give you a degree of tummy control and back support, it is easy to get on and fits your shape comfortably enough to allow prolonged use.

According to some customers, however, you may very well experience mishap when you wash it – the legs, supposedly, may come apart. We did not experience this ourselves, but you should take care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any such complications. We recommend you machine wash it in warm water and use a bleach without chlorine. Also, make sure you do not iron or dry clean it.

Naomi and Nicole’s Edgies Black Brief
Even though there is a trend for some people to skip wearing underwear and, well, whatever works for you, as the saying goes, we firmly believe you should take your undergarments as seriously as you do your outer clothing. They are vastly useful and practical, protecting your normal clothing from getting soiled or damaged due to bodily excretions, lessen the friction on your skin and give you that bit of extra warmth you need when it is cold.

The second product we will review, is Naomi and Nicole’s Edgies Black Brief A105. Well, this is where things get a bit hazy. Even though there is certainly a great number of customers who thought the item well worth their money and confirm its lightweight and breathable features there are some who are overly critical of it.

The most common complain is that these are not really durable – they seem to come apart rather easily, after moderate use or washing. There are others, also, who found it really uncomfortable to wear – quite a disappointing finding when the product is marketed as ideal for everyday use and exercise.

Naomi and Nicole Underwear

The third product we will review is Naomi & Nicole’s Comfort Bodybriefer. Again, the pictured is painted in similar colors to the previous item of our list. Customers around the world find the product work excellently, as advertised, and then the item shows up that it is really easy to get damaged. Others, while confirming it does slim you up and make you look your best, seem to have trouble with its tightness and claim it quickly gets uncomfortable.

The Verdict

So far, we have concluded a few things. Naomi & Nicole’s products are reasonably priced, and they do what they claim to do: They are excellent underwear. We have identified the following problems: They seem to be really prone to tearing up and getting damaged, whether through use or washing and they have been quite uncomfortable for a number of customers.

Let’s critically assess these two problems: Whether it is the manufacturer’s fault or the customer’s, the thing is, the brand definitely does not score high on durability and product longevity. If you want your product to last you long, you should probably look elsewhere.

When it comes to comfort, it is quite strange that only a few customers claim the items were too tight and uncomfortable. We are willing to make an educated guess and say that this is probably the customers’ fault rather than the manufacturers – otherwise, there would not be as many customers who claim their underwear fit them excellently. It is quite common, and we have all done it at some point or another, to misjudge our proportions and go for a slimmer fit than the one we really need. The solution is clear: Before committing to any product, make sure you are getting the right dimensions. Naomi & Nicole seems to be quite unforgiving in this.

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