MUKA Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset Review

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MUKA Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset Review

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MUKA Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset Bustier

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Muka Black Lace Corset Review


The Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset is absolutely an out-on-the-town type of addition to your wardrobe. Its lacy neckline provides an even sexier take on the bust, but drawing the eye down to its delicate v-neck. This is a fashionable piece that will allow you to look and few great all night regardless of where you wear it.

Flexible plastic bones are covered by its beautiful silver and black lace design outside. Its bones highlight a slimmed waist and accentuate the bust and hips. It provides the idea hourglass outline all while providing excellent back and bust support and encouraging a proper upright posture. This top will look fantastic with any tight or slim fitting pants or skirt.

Muka Fashionable Corset Top


Because this corset is designed with flexible plastic bones, it isn't ideal for waist training. Waist training corsets typically possess some steel bones to help with the tops rigidness, and this top has none. If you're seeking a cincher that you're hoping to use as a trainer, we would suggest against bringing this one home with you.

As always size and fit are always somewhat of a touchy point for most corset purchasers, and because this sizing isn't conventional U.S., it is even more so with this product. Be certain to spend time getting your appropriate measurements before making a purchase to confirm that you've made the best choice for your body.

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If you're looking for a waist trainer, this isn't the top for you. However, if you are looking for a fashionable corset to add to your sexy night out arsenal, you can't go wrong with the Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset. It isn't engineered quite strong enough to offer training for your waist, but it will provide a couple inches of reduction while highlighting the curves you want to emphasize.

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