How To Properly Lace Up a Corset |

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How To Lace Up a Corset

How to lace up corsets

How To Lace Up Corsets 101

When you first start wearing a corset, it can be overwhelming to learn how to properly break and and lace up your corset. We designed this guide to help you as a brand-new corset owner.

Your corset will ship to you fully laced, so you'll need to unlace it to put it on. Untie any bows and pull each pair of X's until the corset is completely loosened and then fasten or unfasten the bus. It's a good idea to start happening the busk at the bottom of the corset and work your way up.

After the busk is fastened, start tightening the laces on your court. Start in the middle at the pull loops, which should be located at the narrowest point of your waist. Once the pull loops are pulled tight, begin pulling each X at the top and working your way down, and from the bottom, moving up toward the center. This process will need to be repeated 2 to 3 times to fully tighten the laces.

Your corset should be laced so that it fits comfortably, yet snugly. Do not over tighten the laces because this can damage your corset, hurt your body, and lead to discomfort. it is a good idea to wear some sort of light clothing or corset liner the needs your corset every time you wear it, so your skin does not chase. This also helps protect the delicate fabrics of the corset from sweat, oil, and dead skin cells. Protecting the corset from your skin will also reduce the frequency of how often you have to wash it. To help keep everything in place, you may want to apply a thin layer of baby powder on your body before you put the corset on.

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The Break In Period: Seasoning Your Corset

When you first purchase your corset, it will be incredibly rigid. You'll need to break it in and allow it to mold to your body. This requires you to wear the corset frequently for short periods of time. At first, you should wear it for no more than 1 to 2 hours at a time.

After you worn a corset for the first hour, re-tighten the laces and continue wearing it for another hour. This allows the corset fabric to stretch evenly to mold to your overall shape. This prolongs the life of the corset, makes it more comfortable, and helps prevent damage to the fabric, grommets, and bones, or stays.

Repeat the process to three more times before wearing your corset for an extended period of time.

Lace up corsets

Bi-Directional Lacing

After you've broken in your corset, you'll need to become more familiar with lacing it. Experience corset wearers will tell you to use bi-directional lacing, swearing that this is the only, and proper way to lace it.

?Here are the steps:

  • Start at the top and pull one side of the lace from back to front through the grommet hole on each side. Continue pulling the lace through the holes evenly until you've reached the end of the lace.
  • Now, take the lace from the right side and feed it through the next grommet down on the left side, moving from front to back. Repeat this process for the left side. You should now see an 'X' on the outside of the corset.
  • Now, take the lace from the right side and feed it through the next grommet on the left, from back to front. Repeat again for the left side. At this point, you should see an X on the inside of the corset, beneath the first X
  • Continue the pattern outside and inside X, until you've reached the center of your corset. This is typically after the third set of Xs when working with an over biased corset and after the second set of Xs when working with an underbust corset.
  • After you've completed the last pair of exes, you should find your laces on the outside of your corset. Take the right place and feed it through the next comment down on the same side pulling only part way through. Repeat for the left side. The poll loot will be used to tighten the corset and tied the bow.
  • Next, take the lace from the right-sided beat it to the next grandma down on the left side moving from back to front, and repeating for the left side. This gives you another X on the inside
  • Repeat the lacing pattern from the top of the corset with the inside and outside Xs, alternating from front to back, and back to front.
  • Continue the pattern until you've reached the bottom of the corset. Your laces should now be on the inside of the corset for an overbought and outside for an under bust. Tie a knot with the ends of the laces. You can also tie a bow. Pull the knot tightly so that he can come undone when you are tightening the laces. The knot should be on the inside of the corset with the lacing guard. If you are wearing and under bust corset, you should find the knot on the outside.
  • Pull laces and take out any slack by pulling on the outer axes. Tile large bow with the pull loops in the middle to get a traditional feminine look. If you want a more tailored look, took the laces underneath the X pattern.
  • Do not wrap the extra lace around your waist and tie a bow as this can damage the fabric and boning, reducing the lifespan and the effectiveness of your corset.

When you're ready to take off your corset, it is important to store it properly. Air it out after each time you where it. Place a lining side up and center it on the laces over a plastic hanger, door, or chair. Doing this will take the majority of the weight off the garment. You can use a fabric freshener to remove odors. Only use this on the inside lining of the corset and allow it to air dry before you store it.

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