Kinnaird Luxury Ivory Steel Boned Overbust Corset Review

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Kinnaird Luxury Ivory Steel Boned Overbust Corset Review

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Kinnaird Ireland Luxury Ivory Strong Steel Boned Overbust Shaper Corset

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Kinnaird Luxury Corset


The Kinnaird Ireland Shaper is created from a luxury custom-made duchess satin cloth that is made in Wales. This elegant and durable corset is triple bonded with a 100 percent cotton lining, which eliminates wrinkling and increased durability while providing extra support and comfort. It also has stabilizing ribbon. The triple bonded technique is a characteristic only found in Kinnaird corsets. Each cincher from the Kinnaird Ireland company is handcrafted by a corsetiere.

Its 12 high-density bones, including 8 spiral steel and 4 flat steel, creates the ideal hourglass silhouette while flattening the tummy and providing ideal bust support. Its sleek, white design is flattering enough to wear all on its own, but it can also go unnoticed under various other garments.

Additionally, the strings in the back for tightening are top quality, which provide a firm platform for tightening. Strong strings always results in a firmer cinch.

Kinnaird Steel Boned Corset


If more bones are what you seek, keep looking. The Kinnaird shaper offers 12 steel bones, but there are many others on the market that offer double that for a similar price.

Furthermore, if you have a longer torso and voluptuous curves this corset may put a lot of pressure on your ribs and hips because. At 15.5 inches it comes down to approximately mid-hip, thus, if your hips are wider some of the bones my feel uncomfortable. Additionally 15.5 inches may be too long on individuals who are shorter.

Final Verdict:

We would absolutely recommend this product to individualls who are more slender around the hips. Additionally, because of the quality of fabric, as well as the amazing craftsmanship that goes into the design it is without a doubt worth the money. This is a beautiful addition to any closet, and would be a fabulous surprise under any wedding dress.

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