Ivy Shi Underbust Jacquard Lace Up Waist Cincher Review

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Ivy Shi Underbust Jacquard Lace Up Waist Cincher Review

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Ivy Shi Women's Underbust Satin Lace Up Waist Cincher, Corset Shaper

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Ivy Shy Underbust Corset


The Ivy Shi Women's Underbust Waist Cincher is a lot of value for a little price. This underbust corset is made to cinch your waist making you appear thinner, while help keep your posture erect and eliminating any pressure on your back. It's a beautiful addition to any closet, and the very few money signs makes it a reasonable buy for anyone looking to add a few additions to the closet. You can afford to buy this one in a few colors!

Its two steel bones are located at the front near the hook and eye closures. The rest of the corsets composition is made up of plastic boning scattered throughout the piece. Its back laces up with ribbon that can be crisscrossed for adjustable lacing. This corset will slim your waist line anywhere between three inches and five inches, highlighting your bodies hidden curves
Ivy Shi Lace Up Corset


Like most corsets, sizing is always an issue. Spend some time taking your appropriate measurements before buying any corset whether you're spending hundreds of dollars or just a few.

Additionally, this corset comes significantly smaller than most. Spending the extra few minutes to measure yourself accordingly will result in a top that fits better. Please remember that these are meant to fight snuggly. Hugging your body firmly is what creates such glorious curves.

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This corset can be used to accent your body secretly or it can be worn as an accessory to any outfit to add a dimension of sleek, sexy voluptuousness. The value of product your receiving is worth every dollar you'll spend purchasing it. This is a great place for beginners to start who are trying out waist cinchers for the first time and don't want to spend an armload of cash. Be certain to measure correctly and enjoy wearing this new addition to your closet.

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