How to Measure Waist for Corset Sizing

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How to Measure Waist for Corset Sizing

How to Measure Waist for Corset Sizing

If you are looking for that perfect hourglass figure, you need to ensure you have the perfect corset size. Women typically think that their corset size corresponds with their dress size but it doesn't. It has more to do with their waist measurement and their desired reduction.

If you want to determine which corset is perfect for you then you take the measurement of your waist and reduce it from 2-6 inches. When measuring you want to make sure that the tape is not too tight and straight. You measure the area right below the ribcage. The following will help you gauge how much to deduct based on your experience with corsets and the look you are going for:

  • You deduct 2 inches if you are fairly new to wearing a corset and want a nice slender look without much of the pain.
  • You deduct 4 inches if you want a slimmer look. Most women tend to prefer to go with this size since it provides a slim figure.
  • You deduct 6 inches if you have had quite a lot of experience with wearing corsets. This amount of reduction is also used for waist trainings. It maybe painful if your body isn't already accustomed to wearing corsets.

The good thing about corsets is that they can be tightened to your liking so you don't have to tighten it all the way.

Depending on the designer and style, corset design tends to vary. There isn’t one set standard size that is uniformly followed. This can make ordering corsets a little more complicated. You may think you have found the perfect size for yourself but ordering the same size from a different designer can lead to you getting a tighter or looser corset. So it is always better to measure yourself and submit your measurements when you order a corset. This will ensure you get the perfect size for yourself. You need to measure the following:

  • Your bust measurement (this is not your bra size)
  • Your bust measurement with a bra on
  • Your waist, the narrowest part of it which is directly below the rib cage
  • ​The measurement of the area on top of the hip bones, need the measurement around it
  • ​Lower full hip measurement, also all the way around

When it comes to measuring you can follow the following steps:

You should have your undergarment on for the process and you will need help so ask someone to assist you with the measurement.

  1. Measure around the top of where your bust starts.

  2. Then measure the fullest part of the bust, with your bra on.

  3. Then move on to the waist, measure around the area where your rib cage end. Make sure you are relaxed and not holding your breath when doing this.

  4. Measure the top of your hip, all the way around.

  5. Measure the bottom of your hip, all the way around.

Note your measurements and provide them to the designer. Women with cup size D may have issues when it comes to corsets as they are generally made for women with cup sizes A to C.

When ordering your corset, you need to take your size into consideration. It is harder for women that have a smaller frame to order corset that are 6 inches smaller in waist size. Their body cannot constrict that much so 2 to 4 inches are better for them. While women with larger frames have bodies that can constrict slightly easier. The amount of constricting provided by the corset should depend on the overall look and desire of the corset. So you should discuss that with the designer and they can assist you in picking the best option for you.

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