Fit and Feel: How Tight Should a Waist Trainer Be?

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Fit and Feel: How Tight Should a Waist Trainer Be?

how tight should a waist trainer be
​The Kardashians are passionate about the use of tight waist trainers and have attributed them to their slim, Coke bottle body shapes. Even Jessica Alba has claimed that using waist trainers have helped her body return to its pre-baby form.

No doubt these corsets can deliver results to users, as some health professionals and gym gurus believe. However, what exactly are the benefits of a waist trainer and what are the harms? Can anybody wear one at any time or are there certain moments in a day when it’s appropriate to put one on? From what we seen online, it appears that a lot of celebrities are sporting a corset and attributing their weight loss to the use of these body trainers. But is this really true?

Kim and Khloe Kardashians have generated plenty of interest in the trend of wearing waist trainers as a way of slimming down and retaining ideal body shape. The Instagram photos they’ve posted show them in waist trainers – basically a corset that wraps tightly around the waist and lower ribcage which provides a slimming look. Other models have followed suit and speak positively of the life-changing effects that waist training has given them.

How tight should I wear my waist trainer?

The first question you should ask yourself if you want to wear a waist trainer is how tight it should be. Should it crush your ribs and backbone or just hang loosely on your body? There’s really no right answer for how tight it should be, but it’s generally believed that tighter is better.

However, this can be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. If you wear a corset that’s too snug against your body, it can limit your bodily movement and core strength. If your core strength decreases, this means that your abs will become more easily exhausted after brief workouts, resulting in more stomach less stomach crunches and less gains.

Do waist trainers even work?

​The answer to this question is both yes and no. Waist trainers are a way of temporarily hiding stomach fat and folds that would otherwise embarrass you when you go out in public. Putting a corset on keeps the fat in check and ultimately increases the woman’s self-esteem. Waist trainers are not a miracle device to help people lose weight, but rather as a means of instantly appearing slimmer.

​Waist trainers can also motivate someone to want to have a slim body shape. Looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see is the first step to becoming motivated to make a change. If you see that you are slimmer and sexier in a waist trainer, then maybe your mind will want to convince you to get up and do more exercise or eat less. Waist trainers use the power of positive reinforcement to push someone to want to become better.

​Waist trainers don’t just train waists, but they train you to become more aware of your stature. Waist trainers are excellent in building perfect standing and sitting posture, and when the laces come off you will find that your posture in its relaxed state is much straighter. This can lead to an increase in confidence and make you more conscious of your appearance and appetite.

​As mentioned earlier, waist trainers are not a God-sent device that will help burn fat whilst you chomp down on French fries. Although your body can retain its slim shape just after wearing a waist trainer for extended periods of time, your body will return to its natural body shape. The purpose of the waist trainer is not to burn fat, but rather to motivate you to want to burn fat. However, some would argue that the waist trainer compresses your stomach, thus making it smaller and reducing your appetite.

​Waist trainers can be beneficial for women who have just recently given birth. Using a waist trainer with moderate tightness can make them feel good about the weight they’ve put on during pregnancy. If the waist trainers can make their skin feel tighter, then maybe they’ll become motivated to want to exercise more in the future. Just be careful not to push yourself too hard after giving birth since your body needs time and flexibility to readjust itself. 

Are there any harms behind using a waist trainer?

​The positives of waist trainers are clear and can lead to some positive life changes down the road. However, every good thing must have some bad in it, and waist trainers are no exception.

​The most obvious thing about corsets is that they look uncomfortable. The problem with things that look uncomfortable is that they usually are. Waist trainers, while good you’re your posture and bust line, can force your body out of its natural state while relaxed. The sacrifice is short-term discomfort in exchange for long-term good body posture. However, you may experience bruising, downward pressure from your chest to your stomach, and limited movement ability. If you experience these symptoms, then either you loosen your waist trainer because it’s wrapped around your body too tightly, or you should get rid of the thing altogether.

​Some people might feel that using the waist-cinching device whilst exercising is a good idea for double the burn and double the satisfaction. Oh, you could not be more wrong. Waist trainers don’t just restrict movement, but they are also adept at restricting breathing. The less you breathe during a workout, the less oxygen your body gets, meaning the less work you’ll do and the more rests you’ll take. Once again, the waist trainer can be counterproductive to the goals you actually want to achieve.

Bottom line

​Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Jessica Alba are not wearing pieces of futuristic technology that burns calories whilst you sit around and wait. Their body shapes and body fat percentages are most likely due to a healthy exercise regime and good diet. Wearing the waist trainer can be a way of motivating them to want to achieve a certain body shape, but ultimately it all depends on how much work you’re willing to put in.

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