Honour Fashion Rubber Waist Control Corset Review

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Honour Fashion Rubber Waist Control Corset Review

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Honour Fashion Womens Rubber Waist Control Corset With Button

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Honour Fashion Rubber Corset


The Honour Fashion Women's Rubber Corset is made of a combination of rubber and steel, and is a perfect addition to any wardrobe in need of a shaper to be worn beneath clothing. Its low price makes it a buy almost anyone can afford.

The corsets steel framed inside adds definition, trims waist, support perfect posture and lifts bust. The corset can come in a variety of colors and sizes, thus, making it an addition that will work for about any figure. Its sleek design makes it virtually impossible to see if worn beneath clothing.

There is some debate on whether this corset is, in fact, steel boned. We believe it does possess steel bones, thus, making it quite the steal for the price.

Honour fashion waist training corset


Short strings and sizing have been the largest areas of concern with this corset. Short and somewhat flimsy strings in the back make it difficult to cinch on your own. Strings that are not as strong also contribute to a looser cinch because you won't be able to pull on them as firmly. If you're unhappy with the length or strength, they can be replaced for pretty cheap.

Sizing problems is an issue with almost every corset. Most people are unsure of how they're supposed to fit, and don't take proper measurements before placing an order. Do take the time to measure your waist at its slimmest part and order according to the chart provided. Otherwise, you'll end up with a corset that doesn't fit.

A word to the wise: this corset runs small.

Final Verdict:

If you're a beginner looking to jump into the world of corset wearing, this is probably a good place to start. It isn't a giant financial leap, and it provides a very similar fit, feel and design to some of the more expensive and better quality corsets that are on the market.

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