How to get your waist line ready for summer 2016 -

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How to get your waist line ready for summer 2016

Summer is rapidly approaching, are you ready? We all want to rock that bikini body but to feel confident and perfectly happy in your own skin, you’ll have to do a bit of work. Fortunately, it’s possible to transform your appearance through the use of few simple techniques.

A small waistline will transform your silhouette. It will give you the perfect hourglass shape. You’ll be happy in a swimsuit, in shorts and in those beautiful floral dresses.

To decrease the size of your waistline, you’ll need to make a couple of adjustments right now. Here are some of the most effective strategies.

Try a Few Exercises

Cardio is the key to burning fat. You may also try to do a few exercises that are aimed at giving you a smaller waist:

  • Crisscross crunches: there are dozens of online videos that will show you how to do crisscross crunches. These exercises target the lateral abdominal muscles and they deliver fast results in combination with regular cardio sessions. Apart from the abdominal muscles, you’re using several other larger muscles – a great exercises to speed up fat loss.
  • Side plank (with leg raise): this exercise is challenging even for experienced workout enthusiasts. Once you build the strength of your muscles, however, you’ll find it much easier to complete your series. The side plank strengthens the entire core and puts a lot of emphasis on the lateral muscles. The side obliques will burn, showing you just how effective the exercise is.
  • Windshield wipers: another great and challenging move you can do in the end of your cardio session. Windshield wipers are good for beginners and they will once again target the obliques. If you’re a more advanced exerciser, straighten your legs to feel the burn.

Use a Waist Training Belt

If you’re doing a crash exercise program and you need to get rid of that belly fat more rapidly, use a waist training belt. This piece of equipment will keep the core warm throughout the exercise session, speeding up the loss of abdominal adipose tissue.

Waist training belts wrap tightly around the belly and they provide some support to both the back and the abdominal muscles. At the same time, the belt increases the core temperature. It intensifies sweating, speeding up detox and the loss of water weight.

If you are to use a waist training belt, take some time to identify the best product on the market. These workout accessories aren’t created equal. The material that the belt is made of, the way it fastens around the belt and the size will all play a role in the effectiveness of the product.

A Few Diet Changes

Losing inches around your waist isn’t about doing a harshly restrictive fad diet. You’ll simply need to make a couple of nutritional changes and stick to a healthier diet. You’ll feel much better after you eliminate certain foods and you’ll also become slimmer.

Stop consuming white bread and pasta. Replacing those with the wholegrain varieties will keep your blood sugar levels steady. Complex carbs release energy throughout the day rather than giving you spikes and crashes.

Consume large quantities of fruits, veggies, fish and lean protein. Healthy fats like avocado, nuts and flaxseed oil are also permissible.

Decrease the amounts of salt you consume. Salt makes your body accumulate liquids. Get rid of processed foods, deep-fried items and unhealthy fats. Making meals at home isn’t that difficult, you don’t have to opt for Chinese takeaway every single night. Start with simple recipes and if you enjoy the process, you can move on to cooking more complex meals.

Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Get rid of the liquid calories that come from soda and sweet beverages.

Set Achievable Goals

Set small and achievable goals. Celebrate each time you accomplish something new in terms of transforming your body.

If you attempt to quickly shed a ton of weight and make your waist significantly smaller, you will waist. Alternatively, you will subject yourself to a rigorous diet and an intense exercise routine that can’t be sustained in the long run. Though you may get some results, you’ll quickly regain all of the weight.

Smaller goals that are realistic and easy to accomplish will keep you motivated to continue your body transformation journey.

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