Best Full Body Shaper Brands

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Best Full Body Shaper Brands


Full Body Shaper Brands

We all know that taking care of our diets and having a proper and consistent workout routine is key in looking our best, but sometimes life gets the best of us. Work, stress, family or irresistible delicacies throw us off the wagon – even the very best, most dedicated of us. And what are we supposed to do when emergency strikes and time is of the essence? You can’t drastically change your body in days with conventional means, but you can certainly highlight it the way you wish by making use of a quality full body shaper.

A full body shaper is a woman’s best friend, the full figure equivalent of facial make up. Is there any part of your body that is troubling you? An annoying little bulge or a bit of excess fat? Or maybe, you just want to make your curves a bit more pronounced and sexier. Check, and check and check again. A full body shaper promises to do all that and more.

There is a catch, however. Unfortunately, not all brands are made equal. And we know exactly how difficult it can be for you to choose that which suits you best, especially when you are pressed on time. Worry not, ladies. We did your research for you. Below, we will present you our top picks for best full body shaper brands, as of 2017.

Maidenform Flexees

Maidenform Flexees

Maidenform Flexee’s motto is, “Embrace the curves in life”. It could not have been any more accurate, really. The brand combines excellent fabrics with expertly worked design and lace detailing.

Much like any other quality body shaper brand, Maidenform Flexee’s products are bound to give you a strong shoot of extra confidence at exactly the time you need it. This is an all in one, all over solution not a mere breast raiser.

Your tummy as well as your bottom, the usual suspects for trouble areas are going to get comfortably squeezed, with anything extra getting covered, and your curves getting pronounced – just at the spots they matter most. Moreover, you will simultaneously get a firmer looking breast.

With Maidenfrom Flexee’s you should be ready to turn up the “Wow” factor up to eleven. Click here to get a sneak peek at their vast collection of women shapewear.


Spanx has been solving womens woes since 2000, and has grown to be a brand nearly synonymous with shapewear. Full body shapers bought from the renowned brand are especially comfortable while simultaneously fully capable of bringing out a flawless silhouette even in normal, everyday women figures. You should expect results normally reserved for models and celebrities.

Your stomach will look substantially flatter and your hips and thighs will look much firmer. What we really like about Spanx is how their body shapers are lightweight and really breathable. Unlike brands with less gifted designers, a Spanx product will not irritate, suffocate or make you uncomfortable in any way.

If you are interested in a seamless, smooth and streamlined look and want to feel confident and fabulous in record time, click here and take a look at Spanx’s goods. Spanx has been the top dog of the shapewear industry for a long time – and for good reason.


Wacoal has its origins stretching decades back, all the way to Japan. Since the brand expanded in America, it has received wide acclaim and praise by thousands upon thousands of women around the States. The company’s philosophy is rather simple: High quality materials, master workmanship, world class service make the best products. And they have so far stayed more than true to their philosophy, delivering dozens of products of outstanding value and great comfort.

The brand’s price is generally a tad bit higher than most other brands of the market, but this is to be expected, considering the great detail and effort put in every single new product line. If you are interested in taking a look at their various shapewears, you can get it here, right from the manufacturer.

Bali Women's Shapewear

Bali is a fast rising and growing lingerie and shapewear brand, that has evolved to be among the leading players of the industry. While the majority of their products fall under the underwire bra category, they have a lot of strong options for you to consider when it comes to full body shapewear.

An example product of theirs we particularly liked is the Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Bodybriefer. This is nothing like constricting, corset like products that circulate the market. You will be able to wear this all day long without a moment of discomfort.

Expect a firmer overall shape, particularly in your tummy and waist as well as your buttocks. Even the most unforgiving outfits are unable to stand against the Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Bodybriefer.

Ann Cherry

Ann Cherry

“Always comfortable, always confident, always the best”. This is what Ann Cherry claims, but do their claims hold up to scrutiny? Apparently it does. Their Women’s Girdle Shaper is praised by dozens and dozens of women saying you “should not think twice about it, just get it”. However, that being said, even though we came across a great deal of satisfied customers, we have identified some problems with the brand’s products.

Some customers claim these body shapers are not quite as comfortable as the manufacturer’s claim they are. Apparently, the shaper is a bit too tight, and itches after some use. Naturally, this makes prolonged wearing rather uncomfortable.


By now, you should have some great leads for your full body shaper research to take off. All the aforementioned brands have received lots of praise and have thousands of fans around the world. While you are choosing, however, keep in mind that a shapewear, no matter how effective, will not outfight an unhealthy lifestyle on the long term. You would do well to take care of yourself and actively try and maintain or improve your silhouette because, at the end of the day, a shapewear augments what you have. It does not build you the body of your dreams by itself.

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