Finding the Best Plus Size Waist Training Corsets -

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Finding the Best Plus Size Waist Training Corsets

Best Plus Sized Waist Training Corset

TIP - Make sure to order 1 size larger than you measure to ensure a good fit.

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Plus size waist training corsets will give you a beautiful hourglass figure, accentuating those curves and making you feel even more feminine. To get the best results, however, it’s important to choose the right waist trainer. Follow a couple of simple steps to choose a nice corset and to enjoy the body transformation immensely.

Choose the Right Size

This tip is incredibly important for all ladies looking for a waist training corsets, particularly the one in need of a plus size variety. A corset that’s way too small will feel uncomfortable and it’s not going to produce the silhouette that you’re looking for.

This guide to corset sizing will provide all of the important details you should be aware of. Keep in mind that the corset size refers to a fully-laced waist trainer. Usually, this corset will be approximately six inches smaller than the current measurement of your waist.

Most manufacturers provide a size chart that you should rely on. Also, be aware of the fact that one brand’s size isn’t necessarily going to be the same as the one of another company. Look at the size chart every single time and take the necessary body measurements.

Overbust or Underbust?

Waist training corsets come in two main varieties – overbust and underbust waist trainers.

Many ladies prefer the overbust waist training corset because it eliminates the need to wear a bra. As the name suggests, an overbust waist training corset comes with cups that support the breasts and push them up. When looking for an overbust waist training corset, you’ll need to have a good idea about your bust size on top of all the other necessary measurements.

The underbust corset doesn’t cover the breasts and you’ll need to wear a bra with it.

This type of corset covers the hips and the waist. It goes up the ribcage but it usually ends underneath the breasts. Underbust corsets tend to be less noticeable than the overbust variety. It’s also great for the ladies that have smaller breasts.


The type of boning is probably the most important characteristic of a waist training corset. It happens to be particularly important in the case of a plus size waist trainer because it will be determining for the quality of cinching and the type of support to expect.

Plastic boning is usually the cheapest variety. If you’re in need of an inexpensive test waist trainer, you may want to opt for this one. See how it feels and if you’re committed to doing waist training, you may want to consider investing in something a bit more sophisticated.

Steel boning is usually the better version. The results you can get with a steel-boned waist trainer can’t be replicated by any undergarment that features plastic boning.

Steel-boned corsets can either come with spiral or flat boning. Spiral boning is usually more flexible and it doesn’t restrict your range of motion. While it provides a lot of support, spiral steel boning also tends to be really comfortable.

For the ultimate results, go for a double-boned corset. Double boning is usually made of steel and it’s the most effective variety for waist training. The double boned corset offers a lot more support than other varieties and it can result in tighter cinching (taking more inches off of your waistline).

Company Reputation and Customer Reviews

Now that you’ve narrowed the options down and you have a couple of plus size waist trainers to choose among, it’s time to figure out what other ladies have experienced. Customer reviews will tell you a lot about the quality of the product and the customer support that the respective company provides.

Always read through multiple customer reviews about the same product. Look for problems or praise that get mentioned in more than one testimonial. If multiple people are mentioning the same thing, chances are that the information is accurate and unbiased.

Reputable companies should provide sufficient information about their products online. Together with the customer testimonials, this information will paint a complete picture, helping you finalize the decision.

Don’t rush through the purchase of a plus size corset. To get results and feel comfortable, you need to pick the best product that the market has to offer. Think about your goals, your budget and individual preferences. Based on those, choose a couple of models and narrow down the search. Compare products side by side before picking the one that you’d like to try.

Best Plus Sized Waist Training Corset

TIP - Make sure to order 1 size larger than you measure to ensure a good fit.

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