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Danskin Waist Trimmer Review

The Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt is one of the popular products in the niche and it’s gotten a big number of positive customer reviews. A number of characteristics make this garment a good pick for individuals interested in intensifying their workouts and getting a slimmer waistline quickly.

Are you interested in the Danskin trimmer belt? If so, you should definitely explore its characteristics, the product’s biggest advantages and the most commonly mentioned shortcomings.

Product Overview

The waist trimmer belt is made of high quality, soft neoprene and it measures 7.5 by 39 inches. Since the material is stretchy, the size is big enough for use by both men and women interested in intensifying their workouts.

Neoprene is an insulating material. It increases the core temperature and keeps it high throughout the workout. Higher temperature leads to more sweating and the immediate loss of water weight. Intense sweating is also great for detoxifying the organism.

The design of Danskin waist trimmer belt makes it provide a bit of abdominal and back support during the workout. Individuals that lift weights will probably find this characteristic of the garment to be particularly useful.

Danskin waist trimmer belt has Velcro strap closure. Thus, the belt will remain securely in its position, regardless of the workout’s intensity.

Biggest Advantages

Opting for Danskin waist trimmer will give you a chance to enjoy a range of advantages. Here are some of the biggest benefits that people wearing the garment during workouts have experienced:

  • Flexible and lightweight: Danskin’s trimmer belt is flexible and lightweight. The neoprene will remain soft throughout the workout. Apart from the profuse sweating that they’ll experience, many people aren’t even going to remember that the garment is on during their workouts.
  • Improved posture and support: trimmer belts force users to stand up straight and Danskin is no exception. It improves the posture and it also provides abdominal/lower back support during the workout sessions.
  • Both short term and permanent weight loss: people using a trimmer belt during workouts will notice immediate weight loss that’s caused by the sweating. Intensified sweating is ideal for getting rid of water weight. At the same time, a trimmer belt will also elevate core temperature. As a result, it makes the loss of fat from the abdominal region a lot easier.
  • Suitable for people having sensitive skin: the quality and the softness of the neoprene that Danskin is made of turn the belt into a product suitable for individuals having sensitive skin. Most people that tested the trimmer belt for a couple of weeks didn’t experience problems with skin irritation or rashes.
  • Easy to maintain in good condition: the trimmer belt can be machine-washed and it can also be hand-washed. The soft and stretchy material that it’s made of will dry quickly, allowing for daily workouts.

A Few Shortcomings

While most people have had a positive experience with the Danskin waist trimmer belt, there are a couple of concerns mentioned in some of the reviews. The most common ones include:

  • A bit narrow: the design of the trimmer belt is a bit narrow in comparison to what others products have to offer. Thus, it’s not going to cover the love handles and the lower abdominal area.
  • It requires commitment and dedication: the trimmer belt on its own isn’t going to deliver a permanent reduction in waist size. To get results, people will have to work out and switch to a healthier diet. Though it can speed up fat loss, a trimmer belt on its own can’t produce the desired results.
  • Some bunching could take place: other waist trainers have a contoured appearance and a lining that will keep the garment in place even when a person is sweating profusely. Danskin is lacking such features, thus it’s possible for the trimmer belt to “move around” in the case of an intense workout.


Danskin waist trimmer belt is a good product that does exactly what it promises. It’s also one of the most affordable products within the respective niche. If you’re looking for low cost and effectiveness, you’ll be happy with what Danskin has to bring to the table. On the downside, it lacks some of the advanced features that premium models come with. In the end, choosing this waist trimmer belt or another is all about individual preferences.

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