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Kardashian Waistline Trainer Coupon

Kim Kardashian is one of the ladies that first made waistline trainers famous. We’ve seen a waist trainer in her Instagram pictures and she’s spoken about the garment in a number of interviews. Needless to say, many ladies want to get the exact same product and use it in the way that their celebrity role […]

6 Steps to Trim Your Waistline in 2016

Getting a flat stomach and a tiny waist happen to be two of the most difficult to accomplish fitness goals. Difficult and impossible, however, aren’t the same thing. If you’re consistent and smart about the process, you’ll get the results that you desire. Trimming your waistline is all about intelligent choices rather than hours of doing […]

Do Waist Trimmer Belts Actually Work?

Top Rated Waist Trimming Belt Waist training with waist trimmer belts has become very popular.  Many stars such as the Khardashians have made them popular with their large instagram following.  Getting a waist trimmer that minimizes and side effects, does work well and great for sweating in the gym can be difficult. Scouring Amazon and […]

Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer Belt Review

Checkout on Amazon Waist training has become so popular lately that many companies have such products to offer. Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer Belt is one of the popular options on the market. With an overwhelming majority of positive reviews, this product is definitely worth considering. Is it the right waist training belt for you, however? Keep […]

The Top 5 Shapewear Companies

Many shapewear companies are popping up due to the increased popularity in body shapers. Women now realize they have an alternative to boost the body’s appearance. Compression garments are notorious for smoothing out curves. With the addition of butt lift shapers, and waist trainers, the shapewear industry has taken off in gigantic proportions. Some companies have […]

The Best Butt Lift Boy Shorts

Does my butt look big in this? It sure does. And isn’t that the bottom line? Lift that butt and battle gravity with the instant booty makeover. The best butt lift boy shorts are all the rage. You can perk up your backside instantly with one of these bootylicious under garments. Even if you have […]

The Best Shapewear Tank Tops

I recently got distracted by shapewear. In fact, I became obsessed. There wasn’t a brand I didn’t know, or a style I hadn’t seen. I can only tell you I do believe these are magical. There are very few people who are fortunate enough to have an amazing body. For the rest of us, we […]