Corset Tops - One Of Today's Hottest Fashion Trends

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Corset Tops 101

Best and Most Popular Corset Tops

Corset tops are not the same as a waist cinching corset. They are intended more as a fashion accessory than a shaping tool. Corset tops are an ideal way to show off your body, and are great for clubbing, dancing, costume parties, and even as lingerie for some fun in the bedroom.

With a wide selection of cotton and linen corset tops available on the market today, you can also use them for more formal events. You can choose from a corset top that is a single piece, or a corset top that comes with the skirt to create a complete outfit.

What Kind of Corset Tops Can I Expect to Find?

Corset tops are available in a variety of colors and styles, with plain designs, or a number of embellishments. You can even find them in a variety of fabrics, including leather and satin. No matter what style you love, what event you’re trying to dress for, or what mood you’re trying to create, you can be sure that you will find a corset top that will work for you.

Can I Wear a Corset Top During the Winter?

Corset tops aren’t just limited to warm weather. Even during cooler weather, you can use corsets tank pullovers to make your fashion statement. You can use an underboss corset top with a fluffy shirt underneath to create a Renaissance look, as well.

Will a Corset Top Still Provide Shaping?

Yes, a corset top can still help you look slim and curvy. The difference between a waist cinching corset and a corset top is that the waist cinching corset will most often be worn under clothing, and for extended periods of time. The waist cinching corset will, over the course of time, actually reduce the waste size. Most waist training corsets can reduce your waist size by 3 to 6 inches. Plus size women can expect to see better results because they have more room to work with.

You can also wear your corset top underclothing to provide a bit of help with shaping, but results will not be as long-lasting or as dramatic as using a corset specifically designed for waist training.

corset top

What About My Breasts?

Corset tops are usually designed as an overbust corset, meaning they provide support for the breasts and replace the need for a bra. Larger breasted women will enjoy an extra boost, while smaller breasted women will likely experience an increase of up to one full cup size.

Corset tops are also available as an underbust corset, meaning they rest below the breasts, to provide lift. If you choose one under bust corset top, you will still need to wear a bra and something underneath the corset itself to complete the look.

How To Buy a Corset Top?

Since you’re likely going to buy your corset online and won’t be able to physically try it on in a store before making the purchase, there are some things to consider before buying the first corset that catches your eye.

Pay attention to size. The biggest mistake that you can make ordering a corset top that is not the right size for your body. Before you order your corset top, measure your natural waist. This is the thinnest part of your waste, usually found somewhere below the ribs and above the bellybutton. If your course and is too large, it will not be able to help you reduce the appearance of your waste. You’ll also want to consider your body shape, as well as your bra cup size.

Pay attention to the type. If you are a larger woman, with a natural waste of 34 inches or larger, opt for a plus size corset. If you have a larger bus, a plus size corset may be the answer is well. The best type of corset is a steel boned corset, as this is strong, durable, and will provide the best shaping results. Steel will hold up months longer than plastic, or any other type of boning material. As you consider the type of boning, you also want to consider the type of fabric and the care involved for it. You cannot machine wash a corset top because it can lead to rusting of the steel bones.

Here’s Our List of The Top 3 Corset Tops

RankNameImageUser RatingEditor RatingReviewSee Prices
1.Ivy Shi Underbust Jacquard Waist CincherIvy Shy Underbust Corset3.581butSee on Amazon
2.Black Luxurious Lace Fashion Corset BustierMuka Black Lace Corset Review4.694butSee on Amazon
3.All-corset Womens Boned CorsetAll Corset Boned Brocade Steel Corset4.088butSee on Amazon

Click Here To See FULL Comparison Chart

Wearing Your Corset Top

Since you are likely wearing your corset top for fashion purposes rather than waste training purposes, you won’t need to wear it a lot of the time. However, because it needs time to mold to your body, it is suggested you buy it well in advance of the event so you have time to wear it and break it in before the big day.

When it arrives, don’t be surprised if it feels heavy. It will feel heavier than your other clothing especially if it features steel boning. Put it on, and adjust it so it fits correctly. If you find that it is too large or too small, you should still have time to exchange it for a better fitting corset top before your big day. If you can comfortably wear it, wear it for an hour or two, a few separate times before your event. This way you can be used to the way it moves and feels on your body before you go to your party or formal event.

Fashionable Corset Tops

Caring For Your Corset Top

If the fabric of your course it allows for it, use a light mist of fabric refresher spray to remove odors and allow it to air dry before storing it. Hang the corset on a hanger in your closet, making sure weight is properly distributed to prevent damage. Have the corset dry cleaned on a regular basis if you wear it frequently.

Corset tops are one of today’s hottest fashion trends. They help redefine a woman’s shape, and give her a sleek, sexy, and sensual look. Wear a corset top, and you’ll definitely turn heads.

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