How To Choose The Best Corset Costume For Halloween

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How To Choose The Best Corset Costume For Halloween

Corset Halloween Costumes Review

Halloween is coming up fast and it’s time to find a costume that will wow your friends and look great, too! While there are hundreds of ways to make a costume stand out, one of the easiest is to add a corset. Corsets is a tightly fitted garment that starts on or below the chest and extends to the hips. It’s usually laced or hooked in the back or front. Corsets come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. They often feature lace in colors like black, white, purple, or red.

Corsets are laced to the natural shape of your waist to accentuate the curves of your body. A majority of corset Halloween costumes are cut in a heart shaped manner that showcases a woman’s bust; the perfect way to catch the eye of a special someone at the Halloween party! The best part about corset Halloween costumes is they’re completely customizable. Whatever you want from your costume, you can make happen!

What Can You Do With a Halloween Corset Costume?

corset halloween costume

Halloween corset costumes truly can be anything you want! A classic superhero costume becomes sexy when you trade the cape for a corset. Don’t let that old Wonder Woman costume grow stagnant and boring, add a gorgeous red corset to jazz it up! Perhaps pirates and bandidos are more your speed? A corset can instantly take that simple outfit and make it shine. Corsets can be added to those boring, flimsy costume store outfits and make them better than ever before.

But you’re certainly not limited to just those types of costumes! Buying a corset and adding it to your own creation is just as great! The right corset can turn your favorite pair of black pants or a cute skirt into a great costume. Want to be a sexy librarian or business woman? Don’t waste time shopping at old costume stores, just add a corset to a pencil skirt and you’re well on your way to an awesome costume. Pairing a corset with items you already own is not only creative and resourceful, but it’s a great way to save money that you would have otherwise spent on an overpriced costume!

A common women’s costume is the classic black cat. Turn this old standby into a standout by adding a chic black corset. Ditch the ugly witch with a wart on her nose and trade it in for a flirty back and purple corset that will look great beside your broomstick! Add a white corset to a pair of bunny ears and you’ll look just like a gorgeous Playboy Bunny. Pair a corset with a mermaid tail for a siren like the world has never seen before. Corset Halloween costumes up the ante and change those overused classics into something incredible!

Don’t just stop with scary or simple costumes. Go for the gold and create beautiful, historically accurate costumes. The best way to win the costume contest with your Marie Antoinette outfit is to add a corset! Since women really did where corsets in their daily lives, it’s easy to find reference for historical corsets and outfits online. Add a pair of wings to a sweet pink corset and you have an instant fairy costume. The possibilities are endless if you just get creative!

How Do I Know Which Corset is Right for Me?

corset Halloween costume

Since corsets have such a tight fit, it’s important to know you’re getting the size for your shape and body type. The last thing you want is to spend money on an uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy article of clothing. Shopping for a corset can be overwhelming, since the internet is positively teeming with options, but it’s important to purchase a corset made with good materials. After all, you want it to last! The boning in a corset (what keeps it stiff) is usually made with steel. Corsets made with plastic boning can be found, but they’re widely regarded as being flimsy and don’t last as long as a steel boned corset. As far as fabrics go, the best for making corsets are silk, satin, and cotton. These will hold up the best.

When purchasing a corset, it’s important to note just what kind of corset you’re buying. Fashion corsets, bustiers, and Merry Widows are corsets that are made mainly for looks. A waist training corset is one that’s designed to gradually guide your waist into a small shape. These are the kinds of corsets that were worn in past eras. If you’re shopping for a corset just for one night, it may be wise to only purchase a fashion corset, but if you want to embark on a journey of constant corset wearing, try investing in a waist training one.

Before making a final purchase, be certain to get your measurements. This can be done at home with your own measuring tape or by a professional. Getting the right measurements will make it absolutely certain that you will not end up buying an ill-fitting corset.

By making the leap to buy your first corset, a whole new world has opened up! Not only can you buy a great Halloween costume, you can also purchase corset style shapewear for under your clothing, corset tops that jazz up any everyday outfit, and waist training corsets that help you guide your body into the shape you’ve always wanted. Don’t just stop at a Halloween costume, start exploring the amazing world of corsetry!

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