Camellias Bridal Spiral Steel Boned Corset Review

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Camellias Bridal Spiral Steel Boned Corset Review

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Camellias Women's Bridal Spiral Steel Boned Waist Training Corset Waist Cincher

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Camellias Waist Training Bridal Corset


The Camellias Women's Bridal Corset will cinch your waist up to 5 inches smaller! If your aim is for tight lacing we suggest that the wearer purchase a corset that is four inches smaller than the natural waist size. However, if comfort is what you seek, we suggest only going down about two inches from your normal waist measurement.

Speaking of lacing, the corset has 4 meters of lace length, thus, making it incredibly easy to pull it securely. Its 14 spiral bones, while working in tandem with its high-quality fabric, provide support without sacrificing comfort, making it wearable even on long days.

Its modesty panel, located in the back, also provides approximately four to five inches of cover, but you can also choose to show your skin as well.
Camellias Bridal Steel Corset


This corset is not true to fit. From what we've gathered, this specific product runs a bit small, but once you have purchased the right size the fit should be spot on and provide the ideal hourglass shape.

We also found that it is slightly noticeable under clothes. If you want a sleek, smooth look without the appearance of using a shaper we'd suggest trying multiple products before making a final decision.

Because the front is steel plating it's stiff, thus, making it difficult to get on and off, but in the same breath, not all of the bones are metal so the corset may appear flimsy until it's cinched tightly in the back.

Final Verdict:

This corset is ideal for women looking to start waist training. It is reasonable in price while offering all of the benefits of a quality corset, including a visible reduction to waist and posture assistance, without the outrageous price tag. Not to mention its sleek appearance, which makes it a sexy addition to any closet.

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