Black Satin Steel Boned Waspie Corset Review

Black Satin Steel Boned Waspie Corset Review

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Black Satin Steel Boned Waspie, Waist Cincher, Corset By Hot Corsets

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Black Sating Steel Boned Corset


The Black Satin Steel Boned Waspie Corset by Hot Corsets is a long satin piece meant for smoothing out any unwanted bulges. This top is visually appealing and also works as a waist cincher.

Its black satin outside makes it beautiful, but its double steel boning makes it rigid and perfect for women looking for a great waist slimmer. You can expect approximately four inches of waist reduction, as well as increased bust and back support. It will also encourage erect posture. Slumping is out!

The front has steel busk fasteners and the back's adjustable lace hides a four inch modesty panel. This underbust top also has six detachable garter straps for extra functionality. It's pretty enough to wear on top of clothes, but also sleek enough to be hidden beneath them.

Black Sating Steel Boned Waspie


One possible issue could be its flexible bones and satin outside. Though it does possess double steel boning, the bones are thin, thus, very bendable, which could lead to a less firm cinch. In combination with the steel bones, the satin outside may not be tough enough to take the beating of frequent use. We fear that steel bones could eventually protrude from the soft, satin material used on the outside.

Size is always a potential issue with corsets. As always, be sure that you always use your exact measurements before ordering. Do not base corset sizes off of your clothing size. The right fit will be approximately three to four inches smaller than your natural waist measurement.

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The price is fairly reasonable, but considering we are worried about how its design might hold up overtime, we wouldn't suggest this corset to a person very serious about waist training. However, its beautiful design and the steel boning would make it an excellent addition to your closet as a shaper.

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