Best Corset for Wedding Dress

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Best Corset for Wedding Dress

Wedding dress styles today are getting busy with the corset trend. You are going to see hundreds of different types of wedding dresses with a true or faux corset built in. These dresses will have the silky or lace ties in back and completely carve out the bride-to-be’s silhouette. They are breath-taking, almost like out of a fairytale.

Think about how you want to look on your exquisite day. If a corset is an absolute must, then definitely try to find one with the corset built-in. The reason behind this is due to the extra bulk adding a corset will bring to the natural shape of your dress.

Instead, opt for quality shapewear. Shapewear will compliment your body and dress. You won’t have to worry about odd lumps and bumps, and the seamstress not ‘fitting’ your wedding dress quite right. In shapewear you still be able to breathe fully, move around and dance. Your focus will be in the right place, and not on the unmanageable corset.

Kiss Me Deadly is a favorite brand, as well as What Katie Did and Secrets in Lace. They carry corsets and a wide selection of shapewear.

For those of you who have got their hearts set on wearing a corset on their wedding day and don’t want it constructed into the dress, look for something like this one from What Katie Did. Remember you must have the corset on you when you are trying on dresses and when you go to your fittings. This is the only way to get that perfect silhouette.

You might even want to consider investing both from a custom made corsetiere. Having the same person who made your wedding dress also make your corset could mean your dress turning out exactly how you pictured.

Do not overlook the importance of wearing the proper foundation pieces underneath your wedding gown. Bridal gowns can be ruined in a moment if you don’t pay attention to details. The last thing you want when you are walking down the aisle is visible straps, lines, or lumps.

Use that dress fitting as a way to test out the under garments, such as shapewear; as you dress your body, you will learn what will work and what will not. Pay special attention to your bra, as most women underestimate the size and improperly wear their bras.

Keep in mind when shopping for shapewear that it has to fit correctly or you stand the chance of being ‘cut off’ in weird places on your body. A high-waisted thong gives appeal with a smooth, seamless fit throughout the body.

Here are some tips for buying shapewear:

With your wedding dress and body strictly in mind, think of your options in three categories: classic, shaping, and seamless.

  • Classic: Dresses that are made of thicker fabrics or are voluminous provide a bride more room to have fun with the type of lingerie underneath. Express your personality and choose what is going to make you feel beautiful.
  • Shaping: Wedding dresses like these highlight body parts (strategic shapewear). There is a wide variety of styles and cuts in shapewear, so don’t feel like the only choice is the nude-colored bike shorts. In fact, consider the La Perla's Shape Allure line. They offer a slimming microfiber with Chantilly lace.
  • Seamless: These are the slim-fitting dresses often made of a single layer of fabric. Wedding dresses such as slim-fitting need to lay flat and stay smooth. Look for a smooth seamless style thong. If it is lace, choose a high-tech seamless type. Some of the best lingerie today is based on not showing lines through clothes.

When shopping for bras, if the wedding gown is structured on top to give enough support and shaping you may not even need one. Or you could ask your tailor to sew one into your dress. Work with your fitter to figure out what bra is best suited to your dress. Tailors are experts at helping with tricky necklines. Another way to create a seamless perfect look is to use stick-on pieces like Bring It Up Spacers.

If corsets are a must-have-look for your wedding day, then you are part of new trend. With these Cinderella dresses it is easy to see why you would incorporate a corset into your dress. Take a look at all the latest wedding dresses which include a corset built-in, then let your fairytale happen.

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