5 Best Backless Bras

5 Best Backless Bras

Backless bras are wonderful and such a unique invention. Many women and celebrities need this bra style specialty every time.

Backless bras are normally used in various informal, casual events or even formal occasions where a lady opts to put on a backless dress.

With the right quantity of research and guidance, a lady can find a comfortable and functional option with these bra types, since they are never usually comfortable.

The backless bra makes the wearer feel like she has worn nothing.

How does the brassiere work?

They normally operate with the adhesive within the bra so that it actually stays up.

The adhesive with creativity can be hidden on the inner side of the bra straps, or even on the cut. Some brassieres don’t have strong adhesive and such types tend to be more comfortable since one does not have to tolerate the pinching, sticking etc.

These bras usually contain a set of instructions on the appropriate adjustable methods.

Tips on choosing backless bras

Make sure that you have the correct cup size since comfort is very key.

1. Ultra-Light Nubra bra

The Nubra bra has adhesive cups that are very easy to place, the cups connect in the middle so that an instant cleavage is created.

The backless bra also has push-up versions for those who need more lift up. The Nubra bra has a fabric that is smooth and cling-free created for the riskiest backless styles.

The secure silicone is designed for wearing to up to fifty times, and it adheres to the skin directly.

  • It’s made of 30% polyester, 40% silicone adhesive and 30% Polyurethane foam
  • Price $40


  • Can be worn several times, up to fifty times
  • The bra provides maximum cleavage regardless of binding bra straps availability
  • ​Has a blend of ultra-light polyurethane
  • ​Has foam-lined cups that are natural with a front closure sliding bar.
  • Has an adhesive silicone and seamless backless.

2. Fashion Forms Backless U-plunge

Fashion Forms Backless U-plunge

The bra is a life saver for special occasion gowns which are both backless and low-cut. The U-plunge attaches with the side tabs and adhesive lined cups, in addition, it has an underwire for more support.

Detachable clear and shoulder straps that are black in color are also included

  • It’s made of 16% spandex and 84% nylon
  • Has 100% silicone wings
  • Price $ 40

Below are U-plunge’s Features

  • They have straps that convert to halter
  • Has a smooth, seamless stretch nylon
  • ​It offers the perfect best solution to a backless clothing problem
  • ​The bra is a convertible one and has a deep neckline, a U-plunge neckline
  • Have Stay-put adhesive wings and supportive side boning

3. Go Bare Ultimate

The product line from fashion forms is a stick-on backless and strapless style which is perfect for the moments which are barely-there.

The product needs to be applied to a skin that’s clean and dry before moisturizing or using deodorants, perfumes or powders on it.

And you need to fear not of the go bare ultimate losing its stickiness, adjust severally as needed.

These products are designed for backless attire and low plunge, and they have a side-wire that’s built-in for an added support and shape, makes one feel like a second skin, hence they’ll totally forget it’s on

The bra attaches itself to the body by the use of adhesive wings and cups

  • Its 100% silicone


  • Can be hand washed
  • They are both backless and strapless
  • ​They have an underwire and padded push up cups that give an ultimate boost
  • ​The can be reused with proper care, hand washing the bra with mild soapy water, then air drying it and finally preserving the adhesive with an original plastic that’s protective is totally encouraged
  • They have an adhesive silicone that’s self-supportive

4. Backless Beauty

The product from magic body fashion brand has really thin cups that are lightweight and with no padding.

The bra was all along adhesive inside the cups apart from the nipple area. The clip in front of the cups is to create a cleavage.

The product is made of elastane/polyamide with the polyolefin adhesive gel which gives an utmost confidence when worn.

Backless beauty should be used with a perfume, Tanner or lotion-free skin and hands.

Only gentle detergent should be used during the hand wash, then lay the fabric flat to dry for the adhesive to regenerate after drying.

  • Its 80% polyamide fabric and 20% elastane
  • 100% polyolefin gel adhesive
  • Price $ 39.99


  • Hand washable
  • It comes in a travel case that’s convenient
  • ​Can be used 25 times for it has a strong adhesive
  • The fabric gets lost underneath a sheer clothing
  • Forms to the natural breast shape.

5. Backless Bustier

The bra has an underwire cups, slight padding, clear adhesive wings and boning down on the sides. They are great for women with bigger boobs since the bras run big. A size 4 can easily fit up to 40D size.

They provide a secure and tight feeling on the boobs and the bustier gives really great support.

  • Has a silicone adhesive, polyurethane and nylon material


  • Can be used more than 50 times
  • Has a clear, reusable, wide silicone tabs that support the beautiful bustier

Advantages of Backless Bra

  • These types of bras have variety of shades that allows them to comfortably blend with almost any clothing.
  • When properly chosen according to the right size and shape, the wearer feels full freedom and comfort since there are no underwire that presses or constricts the body.
  • ​The cups are usually paired with adhesives strong enough to stay on even during work out, they are resistant to water also.
  • ​The bras are designed to be used regularly and they are safe for the skin.
  • ​The bra cups are reusable, washable and easy to clean. These properties make them practical and very convenient.
  • Most of them are made of silicone which provides additional security and are highly flexible.
  • Backless bras are lighter compared to other bras and they are made of very soft fabric.

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