7 Pros and Cons to Corsets

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7 Pros and Cons to Corsets

7 Pros and Cons to Neck Corsets

The use of all sorts of corsets has been around for centuries, with the first corset being used in the 16th century in France by the Queen. Many celebrities swear by corsets today and say it has helped them not only reduce their waist but also accentuate their curves. Which is why many women look to corsets to help them get that hourglass figure they want. But does it actually work? We have 7 facts about corsets you should consider.


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    Hourglass figure

Women generally look to waist training to get an hourglass figure. The figure helps highlight a women’s curve while also keeping her waist small. Corsets are wonderful in helping you achieve this, however, they are not going to work on their own. While corsets compress your waist and stomach while shaping them into the figure you want. You will also need to have a proper diet and exercise to achieve the figure you want.

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    Can be used to control weight

If you wear a corset all the time, you will notice that your food consumption will reduce, not drastically but a little bit. Corsets help you reduce slightly the amount of food you consume, which leads to both weight control and weight loss, if you pair with proper exercise. It also helps distribute the fat from what you consume to other parts of your body from your stomach and waist. Mainly to the buttocks region, which also helps achieve the figure you want.

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    Improve posture

Wearing a corset, that fits you well, keeps you in good posture. The corset makes it impossible for you to slouch and sit or stand with a bad posture. This not only keeps you away from back pain or problems but a good posture also is vital for your overall physical appearance.

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    Bustline support

Corsets can help reduce pain for women with larger breasts as it provides them with support for their bustling and also their back.


  • Can be uncomfortable

Wearing corsets is not easy. While you may slightly get used to them after awhile, initially, you will feel some discomfort. It is recommended that you don’t tighten the corset too much to start off and allow your body to adapt to it. Then you can begin tightening it more as your body adapts to it.

  • Acid reflux

It is generally recommended that you don’t wear corsets while you eat. It doesn’t allow for proper digestion which can cause acid reflux.

  • Weakness and muscle atrophy

Using corsets for a long period of time can actually cause weakness in the waist and ab muscles. It is recommended that you use corsets at a moderation.

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