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7 Day Waist Training Belt Workout Plan

If you’ve researched waist trimming belts, you know that their effectiveness depends on the selection of the right workout. Most people that buy quality waist trimmers see permanent fat loss in as little as two weeks. Creating a quality seven-day waist training workout and following it for two weeks will be great for seeing results.

Are you new to waist trimmer belt training? If so, you’ll find the following exercise suggestions quite beneficial. By sticking to the plans described in this article, you’ll see the belly fat melting away very soon.

Do These Exercises Every Single Day

When it comes to decreasing the size of your waist, the quality of the exercises is much more important than the length of the workout. Thus, you have to choose the routine carefully. If it targets your problem areas and you incorporate cardio in the workout, as well, you’ll see results within a very short period of time.

Some of the exercises you need to get in the habit of doing on a daily basis include:

  • Jumping rope: some of the simplest cardio exercises are the most effective ones when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. Jumping rope is great because the equipment required is minimal and you can easily vary the intensity of the cardio session. Try the following every single day: go very fast for a period of 40 seconds and take a 15-second break when you’re done. In the beginning, start with one repetition. As you build your endurance, increase the number of series that you do per day.
  • Burpees: another very simple and highly effective exercise for becoming slim (and for getting rid of the stubborn belly fat). The burpee is one of the best total body conditioning exercises that also strengthen the core. Do 20 seconds of burpees and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat eight times for an exercise session of four minutes.
  • Side plank and plank: when it comes to strengthening the core and waist training, no exercise is better than doing the plank and its variations. Side planks are particularly beneficial for the stubborn fat deposits in the belly region. Try to hold the plank for 15 seconds, rest and repeat.
  • Bicycle crunches: the bicycle crunch is a two-in-one exercise. It acts as a cardio exercise and it also strengthens the core muscles. Bicycle crunches include both upper and lower body action. Some research suggests that they are much more effective than other types of ab exercises.

An Alternative

The above exercise routine can be mixed and matched according to your individual needs. If you need a highly specific workout plan, you’ll find the following suggestion to be quite beneficial. Here’s what you’ll have to do every single day:

Day 1

  • Elbow plank: hold for 20 seconds and rest for 15. Do four repetitions.
  • One-arm burpees: 15 to 20 quick repetitions
  • Squats: 20 repetitions (to increase the intensity, use weights)
  • Power squat chops (with or without weights): 20 repetitions
  • Ski climbers: for 30 seconds
  • Bicycle crunches: do 20 quick repetitions
  • Jumping jacks: for 30 seconds

Day 2: Tabata belly workout

  • Do three minutes of cardio exercises (jumping jacks, running man, butt kicks, jumping rope, etc.)
  • Pulse lunges: 20 seconds, rest for 10
  • Plank tucks and extensions: 20 seconds active, 10 seconds of rest
  • Side lunges: 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest
  • Burpees: 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest
  • Jack squats: 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest
  • Side plank: 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest

If possible, repeat the routine from the beginning two times.

Day 3

  • Bicycle crunches: 20 repetitions
  • Dumbbell deadlift: 20 repetitions
  • Plank mountain climbers: at a fast pace for 30 seconds
  • Dumbbell Russian twist: 20 repetitions on each side
  • Renegade rows: 10 to 15 repetitions on each side
  • Decline situps: 10 to 15 repetitions

Day 4

Use this day to rest and allow your muscles to recover.

Days 5, 6 and 7

Repeat the exercise routines from days one, two and three. You can go for the same routines during the second week of waist training belt exercise or you can opt for some diversity. What’s most important is to come up with a good combination that features cardio, strength training and ab exercises.

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