5 Best Shapewear Brands

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5 Best Shapewear Brands

Shapewear involves one of the most imperative outfits available in the fashion industry. Almost every lady and woman needs or has at least one shapewear in their closet.

They are some of the most fundamental stuff in a wardrobe that can be effortlessly pulled off especially when a fashion emergency occurs.

And virtually every lady has their own personal reasons for wearing and keeping a shapewear.

Benefits of Shapewear

  • Shows off the sexy curves
  • Hides unwanted body area
  • Gets rid of the bulges

1. Spanx


Spanx is one of the companies that’s best known to create shapewear of women’s and men’s wardrobe since the 2000 and 2010 respectively.

Developed by Sara Blakely, Spanx was one of the companies that came up with shapewear brands that have sparked a revolution in the entire shapewear industry, the products are designed to be comfortable and seamless.

The company offers a whole host of innerwear slimming clothing like leggings, bras, pantyhose, swimwear, waist trainers and panties, and their products since introduced into the market have been well received by Hollywood celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and Tyra Banks.

What people love about the Spanx products is that the body shapers are capable of lifting the butt region while fixing the midsection area too.

The products are made of cotton material that allows one’s skin to breathe and relax. While a lot of shapewear might make one feel restricted, Spanx clothing is a product of very thin, soft fabric described as ‘non-binding’ hence the comfortability.

2. Maidenform Flexees

Maidenform Flexees

This company too offers a great selection of women shapewear. The flexees are very comfortable and can be worn every day whether in the office or when working out.

The brand offers high-quality collections for every different slimming undergarment needs, it has a firm waist and lightweight cinchers, plus size briefs and thigh slimmers.

Flexees has all the answers to firm control, whether its muffin top taming or slimming a belly, the brand possesses the slimming shapewear to handle it.

The flexees have weightless power collection that offers great body slimming for every day.

The undergarments have also gotten raving reviews from the women that have worn them during post-operation and post-surgery recovery.

3. Leonisa


Leonisa’s long stay in the industry makes it recommendable. It’s still one of the most leading companies known for producing undergarments of high quality.

Five decades ago till today, the product is still among the leading shapewear companies.

Leonisa products are quite pricey but they offer even the body shapers for ladies who’ve just had their babies.

The exceptional selection of panties and bras that have flattering designs for women make the brand stand out even more.

Women who want to boost their esteem may opt for the tummy shapers since the brand has perfect line of them.

Their shapers are made in such a way that they sculpt the body while giving it the shape it desires, and even postpartum women can use the product for a better opportunity of getting that figure back to normal.

Leonisa’s Tummy Reducer Panty is one of the best-selling and top most post-surgical and post-partum panties available in today’s market.

4. Ann Chery

Ann Chery

This brand’s products are created by a Colombian producer and they’ve garnered the widest undergarments selection.

Ann Chery Company is very much technologically ahead, therefore most modern designs available in the market today are of the brand Ann Chery. Their style and comfort are almost like their second name. They are ever at their designs forefront.

The state of the art fabrics has been strengthened by aWert technology, a technology that's impressive for the producers. The technology works by applying compression to larger areas of the body, and the immediate result is that the body is smoothed and molded out naturally, yielding into a figure that's perfect.

The ingenious designs apply regulated pressure on the pre-determined regions of the body, while the rest of the body areas are embraced with a softer compression.

Anybody can expect their bodies to be at their peak shape if they wore Ann Cherry’s body sculptors. Since the products do not function as any other model.

5. Miracle Suit Collection

Miracle Suit Collection

The John Lewis’ waist cincher totally helps in having an hourglass shape. The Miracle Suit has a corset resemblance with boned details and an extra firm control which makes the middle torso slim as it takes inches off the waist.

The product has stretchy side panels that help in fastening the hooks to provide comfortability. And the stretch, smooth, double-layered tactel fabric, delivers an extra tummy control.

The Miracle suit has a waist thigh slimmer collection too besides the waist cincher. This extra firm control product from Miracle suit prevents probably everyone’s nightmare of having legs or tummy cinchers that roll up and down respectively, which is quite an embarrassment.

The waist thigh slimmer effectively shapes the torso, thighs, tummy, and hips. And the Edge legs have silicone which is stay put to prevent ride-ups.

The collection also has a comfort leg bodysuit with an extra firm control. The bodysuit has a supportive underwire bra that's built-in and features a double-layer mesh cups that are molded for a better lift, support, and shape.

The bodysuit shaper effortlessly shapes the back, midriff, tummy, and rear.

What to consider before investing in a shapewear

Before investing in any shapewear, you need to consider some very key attributes as listed below.

  • Go for hems featuring a Wonderful Edge, or look for silicone elastic hems which prevent the undergarments from riding or slipping up.
  • For a woman with a large bust, shopping for a shaping bodysuit or cami that has a built-in underwear bra is recommended.
  • Get to know the waist and hip measurements because it is very key.
  • Choose firm to moderate control
  • ​Ensure that the shapewear correctly fits so that you feel comfortable throughout the day.
  • Most of it all, identify the body part problem
  • Buy a full-body shaper that’s based on the size of the bra.

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